Do You Have A Problem With Alcohol Or Drugs?

Addiction can happen to anyone who uses alcohol or other drugs. It does not need to ruin your health or your life. The first step toward finding alcohol and drug addiction help is to acknowledge a problem exists.

What Is Addiction?

It is not difficult to recognize addiction if you are honest. One sign is not being able to stop even if you try. You may tell yourself you will only have one drink, but drink more than you had intended. If someone in your life has told you that you have a problem, but you become angry and defensive, it is a good idea to listen to that person.

What Type Of Help Is Available?

There are a number of ways you can overcome addiction. One of the best approaches is a treatment program. Depending on your situation, you can choose between a residential treatment center and outpatient treatment.

Addiction rehabilitation accomplishes more than helping you become clean and sober. You will learn important life skills so you can lead a better life without mind-altering substances. You can have counseling to help you understand yourself and your problems.

12-Step programs are not a replacement for a treatment program, but they can be useful when you want to recover. These programs provide peer support to help you through your journey to recovery.

When you join a 12-Step program, you will meet many people who are similar to yourself. From substance abuse to problems that accompany it, you will see you are not alone or unique. When you ask someone to be your sponsor, you can benefit from that person’s experience.

You Can Change

Addiction help requires commitment and work on your part. You must be ready and willing to make changes in your life.

While recovery is hard work, you will appreciate the results. Your life will no longer revolve around drinking or drug use. You can develop priorities, plans, and goals. Instead of a life in addiction, you can have a life in recovery.

When you start to make these changes, you will notice a difference. Your entire life can be better when you no longer depend on mind-altering substances. Your outlook, relationships, and thoughts of the future can all improve.

If you are tired of wasting your time and money on alcohol or other drugs, you do not need to continue living this way. You can have hope, and you can have freedom from addiction. Take an important step by reaching out for help. It is the best decision you will ever make.

The Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs Abuse To The Body Functioning

Alcohol and drugs abuse have devastating effects when overused by individuals especially those using more than one substance in combination such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. The treatment of the health hazards posed by their abuse involves counseling by a health professional. Again, detoxification programs are carried out in hospitals for addicts that need more treatment and assistance. Medications are provided aimed at mitigating the desire to drink.

The frequent use of alcohol and drugs has severe effects on the body circulatory system, kidneys, lungs, liver, stomach, mouth, and the brain. At the mouth, when alcohol content is high, it affects the sensitive parts and becomes irritated and continuous use of alcohol leads to cancer. At the stomach, alcohol cause overproduction of the stomach juices, therefore, decreasing appetite and leads to malnutrition.

Again, overdrinking of alcohol increases the flowing of gastric juice in the stomach. The increased gastric juice combines with alcohol thereby leading to irritation of the stomach lining leading to ulcers. On the other hand, when gastric juice and alcohol concentration goes high, they trigger the reflex action of vomiting as the only way the body relieves itself from irritations.

On the circulatory system, alcohol is not a digested substance in the body. Therefore, when it gets into the stomach, it is absorbed quickly and distributed evenly throughout the body. As a result, it dilates blood vessels and causes increased blood flow to the skin surface, heat loss and high-temperature loss and blood pressure drop significantly. This affects the normal functioning of the body.

When alcohol and drugs get to the brain, its potential ability to the normal functioning of the body and control of behavior is mainly affected. Therefore, the level of making ethical judgments is affected. Emotions as well are affected due to increased relaxation and talking excessively. Further, the reaction time is reduced; body coordination, vision, speech, perception, and self-control are affected significantly.

The kidneys are not exceptional to alcohol and drugs effects. Alcohol increases the urine formation therefore frequent urination by the users. Frequent urination, on the other hand, causes body dehydration. The lungs as well are affected as alcohol when in a gaseous state is inhaled and directly goes to the bloodstream. This reduces the normal functioning of the lungs.

Alcohol and drugs damage the liver as it reduces the capacity of the liver to breakdown fats that collect in the liver; however when drinking stops the normal functioning is recovered. Too much use of alcohol destroys liver tissues replacing them with scar tissues.

The Potential Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs

The medical reports demonstrate that alcohol and drugs are primarily abused altogether with over the counter medications, prescriptions, medications, and related illicit drugs. When alcohol and drugs are taken together with over the counter drugs, their performance is reduced leading to hazardous interaction effects.

When alcohol is used with depressants, their performance is affected negatively deferentially depending on their class. Primarily alcohol and drugs reduce the therapeutic effects of antidepressant drugs, increase the level of depression, dizziness and drowsiness. Further, increased consumption rates of alcohol affect the motor functioning negatively thus lead to poor body balance and coordination and slow reaction time. Alcohol and drugs lead to the damaging of essential body organs such as the liver and the lungs.

Too much consumption of alcohol affect the therapeutic effects of anticonvulsant drugs. Anticonvulsant drugs are classified into many classes, but their primary function is to manage seizure activities or act to stabilize the moods. Therefore drinking alcohol altogether with these drugs leads to a decrease in the medicinal effects of these drugs, thus, risking an individual to have more seizures. Other general effects include dizziness, lethargy and develops complications with the motor functioning. They again increase depression and suicidality cases amongst the users.

Alcohol further has diverse effects with medications designed to control diabetes. When an individual takes alcohol results to the severe impacts due to high sugar level found in the alcoholic beverages. Therefore, leading to an increased pulse rate and high blood pressure. They again lead to fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea and frequent vomiting and alterations in the blood sugar concentration levels.

Alcoholism affects the normal functioning of the central nervous system. For instance, the central nervous system stimulants medicinal effect is reduced by alcohol thus resulting in overdosing of one or more drugs. They cause severe neurological issues such as increased seizures and the development of psychotic behaviors. Emotional problems and challenges develop due to the use of alcohol and drugs. Increased depression, anxiety, and low motivation are potential effects. Combining cocaine with alcohol leads to the production of cocaethylene a highly toxic substance. The cocaethylene substance potentially leads to the damage of many body organs.

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs leads to the development of social issues such as school dropping out, relationship and family break ups. Failure in taking responsibilities for instance in improper family parenting develops. This leads to inadequate development of children in behavior and psychologically.

Ideally, the use of alcohol and drugs have dangerous effects on both the body and the society at large. They cause body complications and poor adjustment hence a burden to the society.